"...We were very reluctant to purchase overseas molds due to several concerns including good communication between our company and the tool providers.
When we were able to communicate directly with António at SEECO it makes our projects an overall better success. All within a satisfactory maner and our projects completed on schedule!..."

Support Operations Manager
Port Erie Plastics


"...SEECO is one of the few mold supliers we found that consistently delivers to schedule. Their knowledge of mold build and design allows them to understand and be responsible to design changes. SEECO seems to have devoloped a reliable network of tool shops and follows the mold build process closely.
Even though SEECO is located in Portugal, the frequency and level of communication does not suffer!..."

Corporate Purchasing Manager
Werner Co.

"...VENTURE PLASTICS' relationship with SEECO dates back to 1994 when we contracted them to design and build a very important program for one of outr major customers. Since that period of time, SEECO has continued to provide quality molds at a fair price and most of all, has met our target launch dates on every occasion. SEECO record of success has been unparalleled and some of our customers insist that they manage all new tooling programs.
SEECO has been a critical component in our continued success, and has proven time and time again a valuable source for tooling.
I can strongly recommend SEECO for any program without hesitation!..."

Engineering and Market Development Manager
Venture Plastics, Inc